Activating Windows 7 on Multiple Computers


  • I mistakinly purchased one copy of Windows 7 and installed it on four of my home computers (three desktops and one laptop). All the computers had Vista on them previously except for one desktop which had XP on it. All the computers were working fine until started getting a notice that Windows 7 needed to be ACTIVATED. I was able to activate it on one desktop (one of the former Vista machines) but the other 3 computers can't be activated.

    Two questions: 1. Do I need to go out and buy 3 more copies of Windows 7 and install it on the other 3 computers?

    2. How do I install Windows 7 onto a computer that already has Windows 7 on it or do I just need to change the Product Key?

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010 6:27 PM