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  • CRM 3.0

    INFORMATION: we host our solution for the customers as a service. I created a product with follwing basic attributes:
      - name: Hosting Service
      - Product Type: Services
      - Unit: month

    then, a price list has been configured:
     - 20$ for 1 month (associated unit)


    STORY: I sign a service contract with customerA for 1 year (12 month) and 240$ (12*20$). customerA pays me 120$ as soon as the contract is signed and will pays the remain six month later. as soon asthe contract expires, I'll sign a new contract.

    So, I would like to implement this case with service contract:
    + is this an appropriate way?
    + I add a contract line (product: "Hosting Service", unit: month, quantity: 12)  and expect CRM to:
      - use the defined price-list to calculate Total-Price.
      - create 1 Invoice which will be paid partially

    but apparently, I've to calculate Total-Price and also create an invoice for "Hosting Service" product manually.

    If I consider this contract as a sale transaction and implement it with an order, I have to control expiration of each contract manually


    It's not efficeint Sad

    Monday, November 3, 2008 1:20 PM