Can only unblock one instance of a program RRS feed

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  • I'm running version 2.02.2350.10 of OneCare

    I have a dual core system and started running  two instances of the "Folding@Home" (http://folding.stanford.edu) program.

    It, or the executables associated with it occasionally call home with results, and to download more work.

    I only seem to be able to add one instance to the firewall--it appears to be tied to one executable in one directory.  And if I try to add the second instance in the second directory it does not get added.

    In addition, the box that shows me what's been added is not large enough to see the full pathname, so I can't tell what is the full pathname of what is added.

    I know this is a problem because when the work units are done, one sends results, and downloads new work, while the other core is not working, and it's log reflects that it can't connect with the server.  And If I turn off the firewall for an hour it does reconnect.

    Either I need to be smarter about how to make this work, or something about the way programs of the same name are added to the firewall needs to be a little smarter.

    Dave in Colorado.
    Thursday, October 18, 2007 3:51 AM