MANY errors on my new WHS Event Log RRS feed

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  • Recently purchased a new WHS on HP EX490 - all seemed good!

    One Vista Pro, and One Windows 7 Home Premium attached.

     I did have some problems with setting up Remote Access - it kept telling me I had problems with the Router - I did eveything I could, even swapped out the router.  in the end, I found out the remote access works, but it still gives me the 'critical' message that the router doesn't work - It was a LOT of starting and stopping the remote access, and playing with the router.

    Then I tried to install MyMovies - it wouldn't work and said that it looked like two SQL services that were installed didn't seem to be working!  I logged in via RDC and looked at the services, and the ones in question (SQL Browser and SQL Server) were set to Automatic, but were stopped and couldn't be started.  So, I looked at the event logs - oops, there were tons of red errors: (mostly Terminal services, DHCP, and even the eventlog itself had an error, and yellow warnings: Print, DHCP, W32Time, etc.)

    So, I use SBS2003 at work, and am competent, but no expert.  I was surprised to see so many errors on a brand new machine with virtually nothing installed!?

    MyMovies won't work, bucause SQL stuff won't start, and there are tons of errors in the logs!

    The install of MyMovies caused the console to hang for long times, 20min or more.

    Any ideas on this and the side issues?  Fresh install?  Other?

    Thanks,  Jon


    Thursday, September 9, 2010 7:06 AM