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  • For my OneCare backup I selected a small HDD (92 GB) sitting in an external exnlosure with USB connection. For the first few months the disk was being filled and I saw the green bar in Windows Explorer on the disk growing until it became red: the disk was filled. I did not foresee that happening. When I opened it up and looked into the hsitory. I was stunned. There were backups all the way up to the first day I subscribed. When I tried to figure out a way to delete some of them I realized that such an option was not provided. So, now I am getting OneCare warnings. What am I supposed to be doing? To replace it with a 2TB disk? This is utterly ridiculous. It will be also filled eventually. I cannot delete the damn thing either unless I turn UAC off which is pain in the neck: you have to disconnect your Internet cable, reboot, etc. Besided what are going to be the consequences for OneCare? The designers must have had their brains fried when they did it. It is absolutely elementary to provide for a way to dispose of unneeded backups. It was their responsibility they abdicated.

    I need help.
    Saturday, October 24, 2009 2:26 PM