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  • I have created a online mscrm 2011 account and deleted the opportunity chart named " Deal won vs Deal lost by Fiscal Period" from opportunity entity.Then i tried to import the "ReportcontrolforDashboard10man.zip.cab" solution neede to run my customized reports.

    I need to install the "ReportcontrolforDashboard10man.zip.cab" solution first inorder to import my customized solution.It gives me the below error.I also thried to export the same chart from a working account and reimport it on my test account.The chart gets created as unmanaged.But when i try to import "ReportcontrolforDashboard10man.zip.cab" solution it still gives me the below error.How to get back the original chart as managed and import the "ReportcontrolforDashboard10man.zip.cab" solution?

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 8:08 AM

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  • If you import the chart from another organization, then the chart should exist and you should not get that error. However, maybe it is looking for that chart specifically in the System solution (in your case it would be in the solution you use to transfer) so it's very tricky. This is what you can do:

    In your orgiginal environment:

    1. Remove the chart from the dashboard
    2. Delete the chart from the environment
    3. Import a new version of the chart
    4. Update the dashboard to display the new version of the chart
    5. Add the chart to your solution (together with the dashboard)

    In the target environment:

    1. Delete the chart
    2. Import the solution (which will include the chart).

    Gonzalo | gonzaloruizcrm.blogspot.com

    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 3:36 PM