SharePoint integration with CRM 2011 using the Client Side Object Model of SharePoint and a CRM Plugin RRS feed

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  • When integrating SharePoint (SP) with CRM in this way how does one determine which CRM environment one is operating from?

    For example, in a DEV CRM environment we could develop a plugin and hard code the DEV SharePoint site collection which we wish to use. But UAT will have a different SP location as will PROD.

    Is there therefore a way using C# when developing the plug in to discover the URL of the CRM and then to use a switch statement to provide the appropriate SP location?

    Additionally, we wish to avoid hard-coding of such data but in particular we wish to avoid hard-coding the credentials used in the CRM plugin to operate against SP. What is the best-practice way to do this please?


    Tuesday, October 7, 2014 2:23 PM


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