I cannot correctly link two inported tables - any help would be appreciated RRS feed

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  • Hi all
    I have imported two custom tables into crm as entities. There are from the Microsoft Northwind sample database. These tables are:  the Customer table, and the Order table. These tables have a one-to-many relationship, where the Orders table is the child table. 

    How do I set up the entities so that the PK-FK relationships are maintained?

    Thus far I have:

    1) created a custom entity for each of the two tables - MyCustomer and MyOrders. I have added a lookup field in the entity MyCustomer. This lookup references MyOrders.

    2) imported the two tables, mapping the import files to the custom entities I created for them (see above)

    3) created a 1:N relationship from the Customer entity, setting the Order entity as the realted entity

    4) set the mappings for the created 1:N relationship such that the PK field of the Customer table (lets call this PK "customerID") is linked to the FK on the Orders table (lets call this FK "CustomerID_FK").

    I can add the columns from the MyOrders table, into an advanced find query which is based on the MyCustomers entity, and the MyOrders columns do show up, but the data in them does not. The fields from the MyCustomer entity shows up but the data from MyOrders entity does not.

    I am obviously not connecting the entities correctly.

    Any help in getting these entities correctly linked would be most appreciated!



    Monday, January 27, 2014 2:45 PM