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  • Hi,

    I have created a file structure, including a single folder with source documents, and sub folders with shortcuts pointing to the source document. This is to allow a document to be represented in a number of different folders, however, if the document requires amending, we can amend the source document and the short cuts will point to correct document.

    I was hoping to create a 'master' version of this file structure (source files, sub folders and links), and replicate this folder for each user.

    My issue is, when copying and pasting the file structure to create a duplicate for each user, the short cut links are pointing to the master file structure, not the sub subsequently copied one. The links do not amend themselves to point to the newly created file structure.

    Is there a way of copying and pasting the master, to create duplicates, and that the shortcuts will point to the newly created copies, not the original.

    Note - this method is being taken as there are some limits being imposed by some in house software using mail merge that stops multiple users using a single document. I am more than open to alternative suggestions.

    Thank you for any assistance or advise.

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