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  • Hello everyone,


    I would like to report my results of my backup & restoration test. I used the following Hardware:


    1 Desktop PC (Windows XP SP2 & Windows Vista Ultimate)

    1 Laptop PC (Windows XP SP2)


    All hardware peripherals on both units were listed in the respective HCL's.


    My Desktop PC Consisted of 2 hard drives with my usual programs. The laptop had a PCMCIA 1gig LAN Card attached to the laptop during the original backup. The subsequent backups were done over 54g wifi.


    After one week of backups, I wiped the hard drives with a 3rd party utility program (like Killdisk). After the MBR was erased I inserted The Home Restore CD. The CD loaded and asked me a few questions regarding my computer. Since I wiped the MBR I had to reinitialize the hard drives. After that was complete, the restoration started to activate. I followed the instructions EXACTLY in the Release Documentation. After It was complete, I rebooted my pc. After rebooting I logged in and it did prompted be to reboot again, but I didn't until everything was complete.


    After about 10 minutes I rebooted and logged back on, And everything appeared as if nothing ever happened.


    I did notice a temporary discrepancy later. As I went to a website to download an executable file. As I chose the file download, I got the usual prompt asking if I wanted to Run or Save, I chose Save. After I did, instead of getting the pop-up asking where I would like for it to be saved, It froze on me. It did this on both IE 6.0 & 7.0. I forced the application to shut down, which afterwards I got the usual window that appears when a program is nonresponsive. I attempted the File Download again, but this time left it there. Finally, after about 10 minutes, I received the pop-up where I wanted to save the file at. The file successfully downloaded after that. I went to another different website and downloaded another file, the otherone came in ok. No Delays. This occurred in WINXP. I didn't notice the download hang in Vista.


    I hope this helps.


    Take care,


    Joe G.

    Friday, March 30, 2007 7:02 AM