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  • I run Live OneCare on my home network.  My wife uses Hotmail.com for her e-mail via IE7.  Her laptop is XP Pro SP3 with all the latest updates for IE and XP. 


    Yesterday I receive an e-mail with the subject "Hi" from my wife.  The message was a ad for sjmyz.com and included links to their website and e-mail which was a @yahoo.cn address and a hotmail.com address. 


    It was sent to everyone in her address book, so it obviously hijacked her address book and sent out a mass e-mail.


    My questions to the OneCare team:


    1. What exploit is this?
    2. Why didn't OneCare stop it and/or detect it?


    My wife's laptop OneCare status is "Green" and her last scan (09/09/08) came up clean. From the 2nd link it is obvious this exploit has been out since 08/11/08.


    I've performed a quick search and yielded the following sites:  the first from another poor soul whose address book was hijacked and the second is an exact replica of what my wife's e-mail read. 






    In case you don't want to click the links above (understandable) I've included the actual text below.  I have removed the hyperlinks because I didn't want anyone else to fall victim.


    Dear friend:
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    MSN: ------------------


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    Thursday, September 11, 2008 3:15 AM


  • If your wife uses Hotmail.com, then her contacts are on the web and it appears that her account may have been hijacked. Change the password immediately - http://account.live.com - and make sure it is a strong password, not easily guessed/cracked.

    Contact Windows Live Hotmail support - http://support.live.com - to report this.

    It isn't a OneCare problem as it was not initiated from her PC, but was an account hijack, unfortunately.



    Thursday, September 11, 2008 12:50 PM