FetchXML and Aggregate Functions (multiple datasets if necessary) RRS feed

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  • I originally posted this in a sql sever forum in the ssrs forum (see link).

    I made the thread in abstract terms because it isn't expected for them to be familiar with fetch xml.  However I will repose post here.   This is regarding CRM online:

    In fetch xml,

    How do I do conduct aggregate functions (most recent, sum, average) on retrieved columns, based on matches with another column.

    let's say column a has a value of "Timothy."

    How do I then find the total number of column b that also have a value of 'Timothy?'

    But then the next value of column a is 'John.'

    I would then want to display the total number of column b that have a value of 'John?'

    If this is totally impossible, could introducing another dataset help?

    Sql is not available here and fetchxml can only do so much. So this is going to have to be done with variables in the actual report.

    Thursday, January 15, 2015 4:07 PM

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