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  • We are pleased to announce the new release of Sora SDK ver 1.5.
    You can download it from MSR Web site: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/downloads/ca9a93a1-2a38-4e3d-b87c-b7e8ddc46eae
    Sora SDK ver 1.5 substaintially changes the implementation of the Sora core library and drivers, providing programmers with a more flexible, robust, and friendly developing environment to build powerful SDR applications. It also fixes almost all known bugs in the previous versions.
    The key features of Sora SDK ver 1.5 includes:
    • Full compatible with Windows XP. Previous Sora versions have several compatibility issues across different variants of Windows XP due to an implementation limitation. Sora SDK ver 1.5 has removed this limitation and is compatible to all Win XP versions by implementing a new scheduler that dynamically assigns best cores to the time-critical threads. While a real-time thread may run on different cores, its execution is not interrupted. The new scheduler also greatly improves the responsiveness of the system compared to previous versions.
    • Full-fledged User-Mode Extension (UMX) API. The UMX API is first introduced in Sora SDK ver 1.1. The new Sora SDK ver 1.5 has completed a full-fledged UMX API to build powerful SDR applications. A new resource isolation and collection mechanism has been implemented to protect the system against unsafe applications. Zero-copy mechanisms are deployed when accessing both hardware Tx and Rx buffers. Therefore, the overhead and latency of sending/receiving signals in user-mode are reduced to minimum. A new UMX-based 802.11a/b/g decoder is included in the SDK to illustrate the usage of the new UMX API.
    • Enriched tools. Sora SDK ver 1.5 comes with a set of useful tools for SDR development. The package contains software oscilloscopes for both 802.11b DSSS and 802.11a/g OFDM. It also includes a handy Hardware Verification Tool to test your hardware and also help you find the best parameter settings.
    Thank you and enjoy,
    Sora core team
    MSR Aisa
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