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  • I'm working with my first IFD deployment on CRM 2013 and have ran into a minor (so far) issue when setting up my sites with SSL

    I have my auth.crm.domain, sts.domain, dev.domain.com and crm.domain exposed, my organization deployments are at companyname.crm.domain.com. I have 2 SSL wildcard certificates one is *.domain.com and the other is *.crm.domain.com

    I originally had multiple site bindings for my deployment so dev.domain.com and crm.domain.com could be binded to the *.domain.com wildcard, however as I found out, you cannot use multiple site bindings in CRM. so I removed all bindings and all errors I had encountered went away

    so as of now I have only an https binding using the *.crm.domain.com certificate. however, this will throw an error for crm.domain.com as it requires the *.domain.com. I haven't ran into any errors YET but I know if I browse to crm.domain.com it will give me a certificate error so I don't know if this will cause any problems in the future. if so, how would I go about getting multiple certificates used so that both crm.domain.com and companyname.crm.domain.com will get the correct SSL certificate?

    also on a sidenote, every document I've read says you need auth.domain.com for IFD, but unless you set your root domain to domain.com when configuring IFD, (which I cannot, and would assume most other could not either unless they had a domain dedicated to CRM) it requires it to be whatever your root domain is, ie: auth.crm.domain.com. did this change at some point or is this also part of why i'm having a little annoyance with my SSL configuration?

    Monday, December 16, 2013 5:41 PM

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  • I may have answered my own question. I changed the discovery and deployment URLs to match the *.crm.domain.com root structure and it seems to be working ok. It may be just me but all the documentation out there on setting up the URLs when using IFD are super confusing.
    Monday, December 16, 2013 8:03 PM