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  • I *was* going to order HP's EX470, but that got delayed, well, forever. My other options seem to be the Tranquil T7-HSA or a DIY box.
    If I build it myself, I'm looking for suggestions on the hardware platform. Egghead suggests the ASUS TS300-E4/PA4. It has 4 hot swappable RAID SATA bays. Any other good suggestions?
    My *real* questions are this...
    1. WHS is all about the "no drive letter" thing and it claims to distribute files across physical drives in case of a drive failure. Isn't this just RAID1-like? And wouldn't a *real* RAID5 solution be better? What happens if I have 2 drives, a 1TB and a 500GB and the 1TB fails? Wouldn't I loose most of my data?
    2. Now that I will be backing up all of my PCs to this box, and using this to store all of my HUGE files (movies, iTunes music, etc) isn't this really creating a single point of failure?
    3. Given all of this, lets say I was looking for a ~2TB system. What would be the BEST/safest situation for building drives in a new WHS box? A single RAID5 array with 4x750GB drives? 4x500GB drives and let WHS distribute the files?  2x1TB drives and let WHS distribute the files?
    Wednesday, October 17, 2007 9:11 PM

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  • You could do worse than that system...

    But to answer your questions:
    1. WHS share duplication is like RAID 1, in that you will have two copies of every file in a share so marked, on two different drives. It's unlike, in that it doesn't do this at the drive level, it does it at the file level, and it keeps track of how much space duplication is using up.
    2. You can always recover your files (assuming your hypothetical disaster takes out only WHS). Assuming you have duplication turned on for all your shares, the loss of any single drive is recoverable. At worst, you pull all the drives out and recover files off each one individually. Which will take a while, and test your patience. Smile
    3. The answer has to be "it depends". There's a whole series of trade-offs to be made, options to be considered. If you're looking for the safest overall, go for a high-end RAID HBA and RAID 6. But that's not a WHS solution. Failing that, I'd probably go with a pair of 1TB drives if money is no object, or 4x500 GB if you're cost-concious.
    Thursday, October 18, 2007 3:02 AM
  • Good response Ken, I learned a little more today.  Thanks.


    This is a great forum!

    Thursday, October 18, 2007 11:09 AM