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  • Hello all. I have a question for the community and was hoping you could point me in the right direction.


    To make my question simple and to the point (although the answer may not be):


    Lets say I recommend to a client that I will provide them a custom system using .net framework with visual basic and C# languages to code the system in. Lets say the total cost of the system comes to $50,000 even. Now say 10-15 years pass, and now visual basic and C# are no longer supported or maintained languages by Microsoft.

    What will happen to entire system that was completed by my company? All of these programs that were written in this "old" language will have to be rewritten in a new language, correct? And lets say another $50,000 will have to be spent on a new system at that time? There will not be a "conversion" or anything of the sort for the old program?

    I guess what I am trying to ask, and it may be premature considering the length of time so please provide your insight and feedback, is that languages that we are using today such as C# and VB may not be supported in the future. So any programs or systems developed based on those languages, will have to be completely redone. So changing systems and migrating to new languages is something that will almost certainly take place when a programming language is not supported anymore.

    I feel that I was able to get my point across but if I can provide an additional explanation or make my question more clear to the reader, I would happily do so. 


    Thank you so much.


    Kind Regards,


    Steven Lippolis

    Thursday, December 16, 2010 8:11 PM


  • Try the architecture general forum

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