RecentlyViewedWebService and IIS Logs RRS feed

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  • Our client is using CRM 2011 in an NLB configuration. The deployment is claims aware and IFD. There are 2 front end web servers and 2 backend application servers.

    On one node (front end web server), the IIS log files are growing much faster than on the other node.

    The most requested service in the log file is the one below. At times there are about 150 of these requests per second directly after each other.

    2013-11-12 09:40:21 GET /AppWebServices/RecentlyViewedWebService.asmx

    2013-11-12 09:40:21 GET /AppWebServices/RecentlyViewedWebService.asmx

    I have read that the RecentViewedWebService is mainly used by the CRM Outlook Client, however in our deployment of CRM, there are no CRM Outlook Clients. Only the web interface is being used.

    The only article I came across which described a similar issue is this one;


    I would like to understand why this web service is being invoked so often. Is this normal, or a problem.

    Thank you


    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 8:12 AM