How to remove LCS 2003 objects in AD RRS feed

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  • I think there are a number of objects in AD which relate to LCS 2003. If this is true how do I remove them from AD. (If LCS 2003 ever existed it went before my time at the company)


    When I was running the Validtion tool errors came up over a number of servers which I had never heard of and which don't exist physically anymore.

    The failure was


    "Internal Server xx1vhoap002.xxx.xx.bp.com"

    DNS Resolution failure: No such host is known


    Looking at the report more there is also more data. If i am reading this correctly Version (UInt32): [NULL] could relate to LCS 2003.


    WMI Class MSFT_SIPESTrustedServerSetting  


    WMI Class Path: \\xxxXEUCC004\root\cimv2:MSFT_SIPESTrustedServerSetting

    WMI Instance Path: \\xxxXEUCC004\root\cimv2:MSFT_SIPESTrustedServerSetting.InstanceID="{56059566-E669-4021-A03B-D91B948AEDF5}"

    FQDN (String): xx1vhoap002.xx1.ad.xx.com

    GRUU (String): sip:xx1vhoap002.xx1.ad.xx.com@xx.com;gruu;opaque=srvr:HomeServer:ZpUFVmnmIUCgO9kblIrt9QAA

    GruuID (String): [NULL]

    InstanceID (String): {56059566-E669-4021-A03B-D91B948AEDF5}

    Version (UInt32): [NULL]




    Thursday, August 14, 2008 12:17 PM


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