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  • Hi, idk wich forum to post this. So i'll write my problem here.

    I'm doing some tests with speech recognition engine, this is a sample from my code:


    GrammarBuilder _Start = new GrammarBuilder("start action");
    Grammar _Actions = new Grammar(_Start);


    This should recognize when i say "start action".

    The problem i'm having is:

    - It indeed recognize when i say "start action, but if i say "start start" it also recognize it.

    And if i make the Grammar using Choices, its even worse.

    Choices _Action = new Choices();
    _Action.Add(new string[] {"Recording", "Playback", "Transfer"});
    GrammarBuilder gbAction = new GrammarBuilder();
    Grammar _Actions = new Grammar(gbAction);


    If i say "start start".

    I get recognized "Start Recording" or "Start Playback" etc, randmly.

    This behavior is "normal"? or i'm missing somethng? some settings maybe?

    Thx in advance.

    Saturday, February 7, 2015 4:20 AM