CRM 2011 - Outlook (IE) steals focus after save/create. RRS feed

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  • When using Outlook CRM Client RU17 with CRM 2011, if an email is converted to a case for example, and before the case is done being created the user focuses on another Outlook window (an open draft email, or just Outlook itself) then the case form steals focus once it's 'done' being created.  

    If the user also saves the case and switches to Outlook before it's done saving, the case will again steal focus once its done being saved.

    Additionally, if the user saves the case, focuses on Outlook, then focuses on a different application (Windows Explorer for example), the case steals focus from Outlook again (the case form will move ahead of the last focused Outlook window) but it will stay behind Windows Explorer.  So Outlook in its entirety doesn't steal focus from other windows, just the case form from other Outlook windows.

    Essentially, it seems like any 'Outlook' window (which is technically IE, but spawned from Outlook, and a part of Outlook in the taskbar actually) for a CRM form will steal focus from Outlook.  However, I don't think this is the desired behavior, any CRM form created from Outlook should be treated as a different window/application and not steal focus from other Outlook windows.

    I've tried adding compatibility mode.  Happens on IE9 and IE10.

    Any help is much appreciated.  Thank you.

    Thursday, June 26, 2014 8:15 PM