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  • Hi I would like to use this tool also for observation of the sky not just ground based events & surveys Does anyone have any idea how i could go about doing this ?
    Monday, June 20, 2011 2:54 AM


  • Hi,


    Thanks for showing interest in the Excel Add-in for WWT.


    Yes, you can use this Add-in to visualize the events and surveys on the sky. As a reference you can use the Astronomy based Point Data Sample included with in the Add-in.

    To use it

    -          Open the WorldWide Telescope Application

    -          Open the Excel and navigate to WWT tab

    -          Open the View Sample Dropdown and Select Astronomy based point data Sample

    -          Select the pre created range StickMan.

    -          Click on Visualize Selection button.

    -          Make sure that RA is mapped to RA (Right ascension) and Dec is mapped to Dec (Declination).

    -          Click on the View in WWT. This will result in WWT mode changing to sky and visualizing the points in the sky.


    In general for sky related data we will have RA(Right ascension) and Dec(Declination) as column headers in the Excel and sky needs to be mapped as a reference frame in the Layer Manager pane. When we have RA-Dec as Columns headers Add-in will automatically select Sky as a reference frame for the Visualization thus resulting in showing the data on sky.


    If we have data with both RA-Dec and Lat-Long as column headers, but we want to visualize the data on sky we have to select Sky as reference frame manually in the Layer manager of the Excel Add-in.


    Please let us know if you any more information.



    Monday, June 20, 2011 9:53 AM