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  • I've recently rebuild my server with new drives.  As part of this process I ending up doing a RECOVER install, but the drives weren't properly recognized.  See this link for the full story:

    So, when the RECOVER didn't work, I decided to physically remove the drives from the server and put them into a USB chasis and copy the files back to the server pool before returning the drive to the server and then back into the pool.

    Well, after physically removing the drives I started up WHS and checked the storage pool.  The two drives I had removed still showed in the pool, but were listed with a status of "MISSING".  When I right clicked on either of the drives, I had an option to "REMOVE" the drive.  Selecting "REMOVE" started a process that, if the drive had been in the server, would have copied any files off of the drive and then taken it out of the pool.  However, with the drive removed, I ended up with a progress bar that moved to about the 50% mark and then appeared to hang.  The CPU was running at 100%, but if I checked taskmgr there were no processes using CPU cycles.  After about 2 hours I used taskmgr to shut down WHS CONSOLE and reboot the server.  After the rebott I restarted the console and tried removing the drive again.  The second time the process was completed in about 5 minutes and the drive was successfully removed from the pool.

    I was able to reproduce this "error" on both of the drives I removed from the pool.

    Now, while I realize I screwed myself up during my rebuild and I ended up in a very weird situation, it seems to me that the end result isn't much different than what would happen in the event of a drive crash.  ie, you'd have to remove a drive that isn't physically in the server.

    It seems to me like there's a problem here.


    Friday, March 23, 2007 12:15 PM


  • After doing the "recovery" install you could have attached the hard drives back to the Windows Home Server and it should recover your data and turned the drives back to healthy.

    Hard drive removal is a problem in beta and I've seen GREAT improvement in the later builds.  I still recommend always searching Microsoft Connect and adding to a bug of simliar or exact problems.  It really does help the team out!

    Friday, March 23, 2007 7:13 PM