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  • Apologies if this question has been asked already but I have searched high and low and cannot find any discussion about this particular issue.

    My client are using CRM 2011 and periodically perform environment refreshes so we take backups of the organization database from production and restore these into a number of test environments.

    Once this is complete and the new Organization is all up and running we are required to manually go into the system and update various references e.g. SharePoint URL's and Email Addresses to reflect those being used in the new environment.

    The system has grown much bigger this year and we now have 280 queues used for email addresses (we use the CRM email router).  We are now required to go into Settings > Business

    Management > Queues (change the filter to all queues) and then manually update the domain name of the email address field for each item which is not sustainable (we do one refresh per month and it will take one of my guys days to update this way).

    I am more familiar with SharePoint than CRM but can see the design similarities and understand that we cannot update the queues via SQL query (I really do not want to go down this route).

    My questions are:

     1. Can these queues be exported, updated outside of CRM and then re-imported (there is no option for this in the QUI)

     2. Can the email address fields on each queue be updated easily using a Workflow e.g. if email address field contains @domain1.net replace with @domain2.net

     3. Does anyone know of any third party tools that might help with this activity

    Any help would be much appreciated - Thanks



    Dynamics CRM 2011 (version 5.0.9690.2243)

    SQL Server 2008 R2

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