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    I created this Windows Mobile 6 app. I am also learning how to sync via the Synchronization Services ADO.NET and i finally found this sample on the internet where i sync a local Sql Server Compact 3.5 database with a SQL Server 2005 Express database.


    I am using DbServerSyncProvider and it works well. Now I wanted to take it a step further to my real implementation, so I was trying to Sync to my connected IPaq (Win Mobile 6) but i just cannot seem to connect as it doesnt find the path to the database I deployed there. I used sql connection string (SqlCeClientSyncProvider) like 'Mobile Device\Program Files\Dbtest\db.sdf' but nothing seems to work, i get an error saying my windows form application on my PC (the server) cannot find it.


    I just cannot find examples on the interent and even though my 'sync' function works locally it is useless if i cannot connect to to the sql ce database on my mobile device....


    all i see on the net is people saying, try to connect to the emulator.... but once i test my code... i wont want the emulator, i want my PC to sync to my mobile device! how can i get my PC to see the database there??


    Thanks for any help

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