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    I have just brought an Abit A-78SH motherboard for my Windows Home Server system to complement an LE-1620 for low power usage but good specs i.e. SATA.


    However, I am having problems with the server going into hibernation in that it starts to go into Hibernation and then stops and throws an error in Windows relating to the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Device stopping it from Hibernation.

    Picture of the problem


    Reading around the internet there are some issues with ATi drivers and hibernation.


    Can you shed any light on why I am having this problem? I cannot run the server without drivers as it will not allow me to hibernate without it.


    None of these issues where present when it was run on an old Biostar iDEQ system with a Via KM400a chipset, XP 2500+ and ATi Radeon 9250.



    AMD Athlon LE-1620

    Abit 780G motherboard (latest BIOS)

    2GB OCZ-6400 memory

    Akasa 400w PSU

    320GB Seagate 7200.9 Hard Drive




    Thursday, August 7, 2008 7:50 PM