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  • I apologize if this already brought up before, or already part of the Home Server since I just read the general description without digging to the detail.


    I would imagine having the ability to specify a policy and user much like the active directory is the ultimate solution for managing home networking.  Obviously the user interface to do this has to be super simple (don't even use the word Active Directory  and so on) . 


    Imagine scenario for creating user John, he's a kid, he can use the internet from this time to that time and this day.  Block anything that has these keywords and so on you get the idea.  So it's a way to control what the user can or can't do regardless which PC in the house he's using.


    Maintaining multiple PC, we should be able to specify machine policy under the same network, again has to be super simple UI, all pc need admin right to install software, can't logon using local user or create local user, or this machine should be off the internet during this hour and that hour etc.  Better yet this should be able to set the policy of Xbox 360, Zune and other type of typical home entertainment device.


    The rest of them I think it's also a good gimmick, I read somebody already mention Exchange Lite, media server, and many other.


    All the technology like Active Directory, domain controller, etc exists as of today and can accomplish what I'm saying above, but of course the packaging is not there for home user, like they say it has to be so simple to use that a housewife can go and set it up.


    I would imagine something like this can sell big among those who has multiple PC in the house (even if you don't have kids, I'm pretty much fedup to have to deal with local account and permission in workgroup scenario)



    Wednesday, May 16, 2007 8:34 PM