Still no code that stops people from proposing their own posts as answers RRS feed

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  • Given that at the moment (see earlier post) it is impossible to see who proposed a post as an answer, it is even more important than before that people are not allowed to propose their own posts.

    This was requested by many non-Microsoft moderators (who in turn thus represent the majority of active forum moderators) many times during the short time of the forum 3.0 software but has still not made it into 4.0.

    This is extremely bad news especially until the text until a post that has been so marked does have the information of the marker.

    Solving the need to see who proposed an answer should be of the very highest priority but stopping a poster from proposing their own posts should follow closely.

    (At the moment the only way to sometimes see this is to compare the date of a proposal with the date of a post (sometimes not easy). If they vary by less then ten minutes, the poster has proposed his own post.)

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    Saturday, March 28, 2009 9:46 PM