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  • Hi all,

    I'm looking after a deployment for a charitable organisation whereby they use Dynamics to record all of their Donors (parent record) with basic contact details, then add Donations (child) as and when they donate. A lot this process is imported in bulk on a monthly basis via importing a sheet exported from various online charity donation websites - one sheet for Donors, another for Donations.

    On the Donor record I have the following duplicate rules set up, which to date have worked absolutely fine.

    1. Full Name & Company
    2. Full Name & Email
    3. Full Name & Phone
    4. Full Name & Postcode

    Now a lot of Donors donate money on a regular basis, so when importing the Donor sheet they often get duplicate errors. This is fine as when importing the Donations, it'll link up to the correct parent Donor (Donor's full name = primary field). If there are more than one person with the same full name (thus erroring on the donation import), they input the donation manually on the correct Donor record.

    There existed an 'Alan Morgan' in the database already, and this month a completely different Alan Morgan donated. Upon importing Donors it errored as a duplicate, despite none of the duplicate rules above matching - every field other than Full Name was completely different.

    Obviously when they've imported the Donations this month, Alan Morgan's donation has been linked to the existing Donor record, which is completely incorrect and could potentially cause huge issues for accounting. I'm concerned this could have been happening for a LONG time and this is the first time anyone has noticed, but cannot for the life of me think of why it's happened?

    I've checked original data sheets to see if any issues there, as well as check inactive donors to see if there was a duplicate there, as well as double, treble checking the duplicate rules are as they should be and everything is fine.

    Anyone experienced similar? Any advice/suggestions?

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  • Hi Wayne,

    I think issue is not with duplicate detection rules but issue is importing donations entities.

    You have made duplicate detection rules on donors not on donations entity.

    You can overcome this issue by writing scripts on sql. 

    My approach will be create new fields of company name, Full name, Email, Phone and Postcode on donations make it hidden.

    Then import the data of Donations entity in it. import donors data from same excel.

    Now link the donors lookup on donations using the above 5 fields on both entity.


    Regards, Saad

    Thursday, October 16, 2014 11:53 AM
  • I don't think that's it.

    Linking Donations to Donors isn't the problem - the critical issue is that Dynamics is NOT importing a Donor as it's a 'duplicate' when it shouldn't be, given there are no rules in place that it's triggering.

    To get away from Donors/Donations - let's say we're working with Accounts & Contacts.

    • I have an Account in Dynamics (Name: Account1 City: Madrid), and I need to import one with exactly the same primary field (Name: Account1 City: London)
    • Rules are set up to detect duplicates on Account Name & City
    • (Name: Account1 City: London) isn't importing as it's a 'duplicate'
    • When Contacts are subsequently imported they're linking to the Madrid account because the London one was flagged as a duplicate.


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  • check whether you duplicate rules are in published state.

    Also please let us know your crm version.


    Regards, Saad

    Friday, October 17, 2014 4:55 AM