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  • This problem is kind of the fault of format of the forum as well as the search.  Let’s say a question gets five replies.  There is high probability that your search key will hit all of them plus the question.  If someone checked a reply answered it get 2 hits.  That is 7 hits for the same thread.  If it was a recent thread or matched the search key very well it can almost fill up the first search page.  This is all just a lot of noise and clutter.  In my opinion once a thread gets one listing it should not get any more.

    In general I do not like the way the answer is repeated at the top of the thread display.  More often than not it takes a few replies to nail the question and answer.  What is listed as the answer is often like taking something out of context is meaningless.  If what was listed as an answer has a large code snippet then you can easily get lost scrolling up and down through the thread.  And worse it returns multiple hits in the search engine.

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  • This isn't accurate, the number of posts in a thread has nothing to do with the number of times the same url is indexed by search engines. If you don't like the answer showing at the top of the thread you can turn that off in the My Settings page.

    Also, urls/examples always help when reporting problems. Without them, people have to make assumptions around what exactly is being reported.

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    Sunday, November 6, 2011 6:02 PM