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  • Sorry if this is a double post, but I'm not sure if the first one made it...

    Are there any moderators on the Visual Studio Web Developer Express Edition forum?  It looks like you have people using that forum as free advertisements for their commercial  software.  BTW, I left some feedback about web developer 2010 on the forum, which I hope they use to improve the product.


    Friday, July 9, 2010 2:07 PM

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  • I'm not a Moderator there but I do make a habit of deleting posts in the forums where I am that seem to be adverts for commercial products.

    The main difficulty for Moderators is that a single post often seems to be a genuine reply and (assuming the Moderator sees it) it can easily be missed that it is in fact someone spamming the forums with ads for commercial software.

    The key thing is when as a Moderator you see something that *could* be a commercial advert you go to check the other posts of the person in question.

    Things to watch out for after doing that are

    - lots of threads with an ancient start date 

    Spammers seem to delight in adding their adverts to threads that died long ago - maybe thinking they won't be noticed but will be included in search results

    - lots of threads where the last reply is from this poster and was made at roughly the same time(s)

    Spammers seem to wake up and think "I'll spam the forums today" and so posts are perhaps infrequent but grouped time-wise

    - virtually no threads from this poster that don't mention a product from a particular company

    I.e. the person isn't in the forums to help people; he is only there to help himself.


    You also need to watch out for the same product coming supposedly from different companies/URLs and for a spammer to decide that one specialist forum is so suitable for his posts that almost every thread there gets one (or more) of them.


    Once you've identified a spammer and deleted all his posts, make sure you save him in your IE favorites.  He'll be back. Often in the same threads where you have deleted his earlier posts.



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    Monday, July 12, 2010 7:15 AM