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             Can anybody explain me 'Why two databases not syncronize two scopes that have some of the shared data?'. I found the following information on at the site : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd918682.aspx

  • Scenario 2:

    • Scope 1 is sales-WA. This scope includes: products; orders, with a filter of state=WA; and order_details, with a filter of state=WA.

    • Scope 2 is sales-Northwest. This scope includes: products; orders, with a filter of state=WA OR state=ID; and shippers.

    In this scenario, the entire products table is again shared by both scopes. The orders table is in both scopes and the filters overlap: both scopes share the rows that satisfy the filter state=WA. The shippers and order_details tables are not shared between the scopes.

    There are many different ways in which scopes can be defined, but the following principle must be followed: any data that is synchronized between a pair of databases in the synchronization topology can belong to only one scope. For example in Scenario 2 above, Database A and Database B could synchronize Scope 1; and Database A and Database C could synchronize Scope 2. Database A and Database B cannot also synchronize Scope 2 because of the products and orders rows that belong to both scopes."

    I need to know why this restriction should be?

    Why can't the shared data sync with the other database while anyone of the scope syncronization that happens first. And then subsequent syncs of the other scopes that particular data (shared) will be excluded as that data is already present at the destination.

    Please explain me the reason behind this or any link will be appreciated.

    In my scenario some of the data is going to be shared between multiple scopes which needs to be syncronized in two databases.



Tuesday, July 27, 2010 11:09 AM

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  • The reason why you cannot synchronize 2 scopes that overlap between peers is because it sets up a cycle where the changes downloaded by peer1 in scope1 will be uploaded by peer1 when scope2 is synchronized. This is a limitation of the sync metadata that is stored on the database. I hope this explains the reason.
    SDE, Sync Framework - http://msdn.com/sync/
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