CRM 4.0 with Rollup 2. Bug(??) after migration on Service Calendar? RRS feed

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  • Server 2003/SQL 2008/CRM 4.0

    I did a test migration from one domain to another by backing up DB's/Settings, uninstalling CRM and SQL.
    Then moved server from Domain A to Domain B.
    Reinstalled SQL.  Attached DB's.  Reinstalled CRM with "test" organization and patched.  Used deployment manager to import original DB with data from domain A and went through the user mapping part.
    Users in domain A were:
    Admin Admin
    John Smith
    Sue Jones

    Users in new domain are:
    John Smith
    Paul Jones
    Sally Green

    During the import I mapped:

    Admin Admin  --->  John Smith
    John Smith   --->   Paul Jones
    Sue Jones   --->   Sally Green

    No problems.  Everything seems to be fine except for following.
    When I go to the Service Calendar I see 3 users listed. Guess which ones? Right - the old ones.
    Admin Admin
    John Smith
    Sue Jones
    I am unable to locate any other instances of this in the GUI.  I have not gone digging through the DB to see.
    I can not get rid of or correct this.  I have disabled/enabled users.  I have deleted resource group and recreated.  No luck.

    Anyone seen this or have an idea.  It's not a big deal as this is just a sandbox but I want to migrate a customer in the same way and need to figure this out.

    One other thing to note as an FYI....record ownership got messed up too as I mapped the old Admin Admin to the new John Smith and the old John Smith to the new Paul Jones.  Therefore, John Smith lost access to his records and had to assign them all back.  Should have realized.  Just an FYI for others migrating.

    Monday, February 9, 2009 11:20 PM