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  • Hello, I would very much like to point out that I am using a CUSTOM built computer, a computer built by myself, a 13 year old boy. I happen to have bought all my parts, installed Windows XP Professional 32bit (No service pack) and when I take out my SP2 CD I have recieved from my uncle, pop it in and install, I get everything successful but when I go insert a disc or a USB storage device, it is unable to be read, I have removed SP2 and now I installed my motherboard's CD so I am able to access the internet, installed my video card's drivers and sound card drivers. But when I insert that SP2 disc in and install it, the successful boot-up is fine but I am unable to access the internet nor insert DVD/CD into the drive because the drives are not detected, that is all I needed to be solved. So please, I ask for assistance so I can learn from my mistakes and become more educated of computers.

    Main Problem: DVD Drive/Internet not working when SP2 is installed

    Problem to be solved: DVD Drive/Internet to be working with SP2

    Important Note: This is a built computer by me by going into a computer store and buying all the parts. I have also tried SP2 by windows automatic update, same problem.
    Sunday, November 25, 2007 4:21 AM