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  •       I purchased a brand new laptop with a product key, a month ago. I did not mind at first using the Microsoft power points, since I dont have a project yet. Just two weeks ago, as I browse for the Microsoft power point. A reminder appeared in the screen to enter my product key. So that I followed the instructions how to enter the Product Key. To make sure I wrote it first in a piece of paper, and copied the 25 digets of the Product Key. After writing it, I again checked the number of digets. To make sure that I copied the right numbers and letters and letters of the product key. As I entered the product key, for the first time, it states that the product key I entered is invalid. It gives me an advise to re-enter the product key, for revalidation. But still it continue to reject telling me, that the product key I entered is incorrect. So many times that I made the attempt to enter the product key. But in vain it continue to reject as invalid and incorrect entry of product key.

              As days passed, I continued to check and enter the product key, so I can use the features of the product. I felt discourage as I continued to attempt the entry of the product key and it continued to deny access. One thing also I noticed, that when I bought my Laptop a CD of Microsoft is not included. Since that is always part of the purchase everytime you buy a laptop with a licensed Microsoft Windows. Its a  Windows7 attached, based on the specification of the Laptop that I purchased. In behalf of this, may I asked an advise how will I correct my Product Key and how I will be able to acquire the CD of Windows7.

    Thank you very much, for whatever advise you may give.

    Thursday, March 25, 2010 5:28 AM