ISV dialog box populated with selected items (for example leads) RRS feed

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  • If I select multiple items (say leads) from a view, I can create a dialog box to do things with this list of items. I am not quite sure exactly how do to all of the necessary things though. Particularly since I can not find a way to get the selected items in the OnInit or Page_Load methods.

    Currently I can get the GUIDs using Javascript, something like (javascript):

    var arrLeadIds = window.dialogArguments;

    So, how can I use this to populate a list of leads? Obviously, having a list of GUIDs is not going to be much fun, I would need the lead name and some details. Problem is, I can only get to this list of GUIDs from Javascript (which is after the page is loaded and rendered) and that makes creating a selection list with lead names difficult.

    Is it possible to get the selected items in the dialog OnInit or Page_Load methods?

    How do I pop a dialog containing the selected leads? Does anyone know of an example? I assume this is rather basic stuff.
    Friday, November 27, 2009 10:02 AM