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  • I really like Mesh and am having mostly good luck with it. However I am having a lot of frustration with the way it handles files that are part of a VS solution.

    I do a lot of development in VS2008, mostly in C#. And I do it across several computers--a laptop at home, a desktop at home and a desktop at work. Every now and then Mesh will lock up one of my intermediate files and VS will not be able to do a build. It complains something like it can't delete the \debug\xxx.exe because it is being used by another application. Most times I can wait a few seconds and the file gets released. But every few hours Mesh won't let go. The only solution when this happpens is to reboot. It looks Mesh has 'grabbed' the exe and won't release it. Once I restart the PC things are fine.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has found a solution to this (short of waiting for the RTM of Mesh). I suppose I could come up with a creative way to have VS put the intermediate files in a folder that isn't in the Mesh folder heirarchy. But that's a pain. It would be nice to tell mesh not to sync certain files or sub-folders.

    Is there any quick way to 'turn off' mesh for a specific folder for a short period of time until the development reaches a quiescent state? I don't need to move rapidly back and forth between computers so a low frequency sync would work fine.

    Thanks for any suggestions.
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