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  • Say I have 'entity1' and 'entity2' and both have many to many relationships with 'entity3.'

    Entity 1 has a many to many subgrid.  We're going to get rid of entity 1 and replace it with entity 2.

    We need entity 2 to have the same subgrid values that entity1 used to have.   Entity 2 for now is unpopulated in its many to many relationship.

    How could we achieve this other than manual data entry? 

    -If I could somehow export the data into xml format and reimport it that would work, but advanced find isn't an option.

    -I don't believe workflows are an option.

    One workaround I'm thinking of is to populate a mult-line text field using javascript.  Then I could xfer the field and run another javascript to grab the values.   Or maybe use rest services to avoid having to xfer.  But these still require me to open each entity and frankly the development time will be high enough that I might as well just do them by hand.

    Wednesday, February 11, 2015 5:07 PM

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