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  • Microsoft.com also plays with confirmed edits:

    More than two years ago microsoft.com processed my submitted personal information on my profile to appear on the live site.

    2 years ago I thanked to microsoft.com team for processing my edits on my personal information.

    My confirmed personal information stayed same more than a year;

    then suddenly (as if the microsoft.com help team started to dream and hallucinate) my personal field information had been replaced to things, such as to 'environmental', to violate my legal rights in many ways. 'Environmental' surely is a scientific valuable field; however, 'Environmental' is not at all the most appropriate field to match to my valuable peer-reviewed Journal's copyrighted articles related Pub-Med Mesh-Terms.

    My valuable copyrighted Journal Articles infringed by microsoft.com's arbitrary plays on profiles; violating my legal rights in many ways. 

    That microsoft.com plays randomly with valuable copyrighted content listing profiles, only proves the illegality of microsoft.com to harm valuable Scientific Achievements, or only proves the failures of microsoft.com technology. Microsoft.com is still infringing upon my copyrights by arbitrarily attacking to my personal information.

    I am the copyright owner/author of many peer-reviewed most valuable articles; I am the highest knowledged/highest educated owner to list Mesh-Terms, or correct Journal fields. It is not microsoft.com company business to hallucinate and attack to my legal right by arbitrary plays. It is only my kindness that I allowed microsoft.com to list my valuable articles, my copyrighted content from valuable journals all that are outside of microsoft.com company domains.

    I am the highest licensed/certified/educated person in recent centuries of human history in many fields; have many fields on my detailed biography on some other sites; however, only the fields considering the Mesh-Terms and the journals* matching to my valuable copyrighted articles are preferable for me on microsoft.com's primitive small pages. Microsoft.com company is not a trusted government site to put/file my valuable secured licenses, certificates, all documents. Afterall, microsoft.com is not  company even to pay to me even a cent for my valuable time worth thousands dollars.

    There is not any legitimate worker on microsoft.com support team to look at the fields of a journal, or subfields of a journal.
    The microsoft.com team is ridiculously illegitimate that they do not know what does a full-text article means, how original journal site URL is found. Microsoft.com support team even twists the meaning of 'journal' word. Microsoft.com support team is illegitimate to follow URLs to reach the title of original paper, or to read the citation information of an article such as (JOURNAL NAME, TITLE of the ARTICLE, VOLUME, PAGES, YEAR, PubMed-ID etc ). It is talking a wall, to make an explanation to illegitimate support team of microsoft.com.

    The microsoft.com support team explains that
    ''the fields of study for an author profile are derived from the journals listed on the author profile, the journals in which an author published.  As more content gets indexed and added to the site, the algorithm that creates author profiles may change the fields of study along with the added content. ''
    I agree with such an explanation; however, microsoft.com even denies its own explanations to understand journal related fields/subfields.

    I have edited my microsoft.com profile personal information many times, but it does not change, it does not process my recent edits.

    The Microsoft.com company should be punished for violating my legal rights; should pay to me for wasting my expensive time on its failed technology again and again; should pay to me for harming my valuable name reputation rights.


    *There is even a problem of communication with microsoft.com. When I say Journal, some illegitimates fail to understand that it is a Journal that publishes some research articles. Microsoft.com should compile all 'Mesh-Terms concepts' from any peer-reviewed Journal to list common fields of journals. Microsoft.com should create a Dictionary to describe Citation, Journal Article, Mesh-Terms, copyright-law, keywords, Academic, University, Hospital, Medicine, Fields, Sub Fields, Author, etc.

    Otherwise, microsoft.com stays a business of random arbitrary plays,  ridiculous company to harm rights, to harm valuable people (The crime of valuable people according to microsoft.com is to have valuable achievements, valuable fields, subfields, high grades in most difficult respected exams/educations, studies, peer-reviewed milestones articles to help humanity :))

    Even to put this comment on microsoft.com wasted my time. I needed to unstall my PC antivirus program, because it sees microsoft.com as an infective site, blocks microsoft.com probably on some versions of Internet Browser, such as IE.


    Monday, January 20, 2014 5:01 PM