Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book RRS feed

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  • On the UK website you can't even order a surface book - how can people show interest in this?

    On the UK website there isn't even an option to order a 1tb hard disk for the Surface Pro 4 - how can people show interest in this and how do YOU know there is even a market out there if you don't give that option?

    On the UK website you can't even order a fingerprint ID type cover for the above device - Why, when you can do all the above in the states.

    You need a new marketing department. The present one is failing you!

    I was going to order a surface book - can't do that!

    So I thought I'd order myself a 1tb Surface Pro 4 - can't do that! because you're not even advertising that you may sell one in the UK. So how can it replace my laptop.

    Thought I'd check out the fingerprint ID type covers - guess what? Can you see a pattern here?

    Come on Microsoft, there are people out here who have waiting longer than waiting for any other Surface Pro version and in the UK we still can't even show an interest in the options/type we desire.

    Friday, October 16, 2015 10:16 PM