Problems with using the Finder Scope RRS feed

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  • I've been using WWT on a msi GT70 laptop with an X-box controller in a small mobile planetarium for the last year. I've just upgraded to version 5. I haven't had any problems with either version except for one thing. When I'm in Sky view the labels of the different objects don't pop up when I cursor over them using the trackpad on my laptop. If I am trying to track the sun the Finder Scope doesn't 'see' it and won't track it when I right click on the sun. If I plot the planets in the sky I can't just cursor over them to see what their names are, the names don't pop up. 

    Am I missing something really basic here? Is it because I'm using an X-box controller so it's not recognizing my trackpad? My arrow moves around and I can click on things, it's just the labels don't show up when I cursor over objects and the Finder Scope doesn't recognize them. The labels will pop up if I have the arrow over the thumbnail images but that doesn't really help me identify an unknown object or when trying to track something. I've only been doing 'Tour of the Solar System' presentations and have avoided Sky View presentations because of this but I would like to get it figured out!


    Tuesday, February 25, 2014 8:20 PM