I am about to install WHS PP3 RRS feed

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  • I am about to purchase WHS PP3 OEM (sale @newegg-$85).  First, haven't seen that it supports Win7 64bit clients ?    Second, Where is the best document or forum  entry(s) that provides collection of all planning and installation tips for new installation?  Including where to find hardware supported list, recommended configuration,etc.  I would like to avoid pitfalls before installation and purchasing MB, NIC, CPU and HD's hdw, already have new power supply and new LIAN LI case ready to go. 

    Thanks very much.


    BTW Is it that bad to go with this version now,  I believe drive extender over raid is worth it?    When is MS supp ending?

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  • I guess it's on sale because WHS2011 has now been released and is available now from some retailers (NewEgg says it will have it by the end of the month). Yes, WHS PP3 supports 64-bit clients but nowwhere near as well as WHS2011 (which is a 64-bit system). The original always seemed to have issues with 64-bit drivers on restore. I have run WHS for many years but will be migrating to WHS2011 (on new hardware) having participated in the beta program. Whatever you think about DE removal, 2011 is a much more polished system and operates extremely well in my view.
    Friday, May 20, 2011 3:41 PM
  • correct me where I am wrong with new WHS:

    1. cannot use different brand HD's.

    2. cannot use different capacity HD's.

    3. Is it just as easy to add a HD and run. 

    4. Can use non-raid config just lose data redundancy and not sure how to optimize,manage computer backups?


    Yes it is a 32 OS and not surprised about 64 bit drivers on restore issue but there will be new issues w/ new OS for some period. 

     My concern is ease of use.     I understand reason MS did it.  Just don't like it.


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  • Your choice - I am moving to 2011!
    Friday, May 20, 2011 9:20 PM