Duplicates, Campaign activites RRS feed

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  • Having spent weeks trying to find answers I am here.

    What I need is some very simple things:

    1. When I upload a bulk contact list I need the system to check if the contact is already a lead or contact (let's say by email address) and give me a list of those who are already in the system somewhere

    2. Using that list I need to then add a campaign activity against their name - so later when I look at a record I can see that whilst they were already in my database - they also attended a certain event

    3. I need to send email that looks good across platforms and browsers, can be checked across platforms and browsers and has with a online version - really Microsoft you can't do this without my having to go to a third party?

    4. If, as it seems, point 4 is impossible I need to record all my email sends, opens and clicks against individuals names using bulk uploads - how can this be done? At the moment I can't so much as find a way to mark an email send (sent not using dynamics) let alone the rest.

    I can't use plugins (aka powerobjects and mailchimp) as our installation is not internet facing. Can't believe the above extremely basic functions are either not available or so difficult to work out how to do.

    Any help really appreciated.


    Thursday, January 23, 2014 7:31 AM