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  • The tiles on the homescreen of windows phone 7 is an absolutely poor idea, in my opinion Windows mobile has failed to recognize and understand the many advantages it hold's over Apple's Iphone, as good as the Iphone is, multi tasking is not one of it's strong points without returning to the home screen.

    To fix this:

    The current system in place on desktop pc and laptops is that you can multi task by either minimizing program windows or as in windows 7 rollover tabs at the bottom of the screen, this is the way to go for windows phone 7.

    Five years from now the smart phone will be main device in which people from the developed world will be will using for all purpose office applications and general entertainment.

    Here's an example

    Mr Joe Bloggs gets in doors from a work, reaches for his phone' s docking station and inserts his phone, the phone syncs with the internal  hard drive inside the docking station automatically switches on the LCD TV which happens to be attached using a wireless or fixed line connection and  displays what you have on your phone's desktop, whilst seatted in the docking station will charge the phone with the additonal possiblity to upgrade the internal hard drive by simply opening a tray door, the docking station will also wifi support to connect wirelessly to keyboards and other peripherals, screens mouses etc.

    By moving end users on to one device it is easier to organise information supporting one platform, thats where cloud computing will make their mark

    On a final note i think what microsoft need at the present is some far fetching dreamers, those guys that really push the envelope and a couple of guys who are quick of the gun to spot where the tide is turning, if you are worried that you will start losing money then start making smartphones, just look at what HTC have achieved over the last few years.

    Saturday, March 6, 2010 5:59 PM