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  • What do I do now?   My server got a hard drive failure, not the C: system drive. In device manager it actually dropped the drive, not shown anymore. I shut down and made sure all connectors were OK and bios found them OK. That looked OK, but WHS never started, it just gets a blank screen.  So I am trying to boot from the install DVD and I can not get past setup is initializing, going on 3 hours now. Any ideas on what I can try to save this?
    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 8:04 PM


  • I would *not* try to run any thing from the DVD until you know what the problems is. Obviously this is a hardware problem. Could be that the failing drive prohibits the system from starting?

    1. Firstly I would check from the BIOS if the system can see the drive.
    2. Next, physically remove the problem drive. Check if the system boots and starts WHS.

    (a) If the failing drive is the problem you need to decide if there is any data on the drive that need to be salvaged - if possible (for this it is best to connect the drive to a system other then WHS and try to copy off any data from \DE\shares). Also you might want to remove the drive from the WHS pool as it is no longer connected. WHS will give you a warning that you may loose data that was on the drive you are about to remove!

    (b) If the failing drive is not the problem (the system does not start without it): try to find what is wrong. Also consider if you want to save any data from the drives in your WHS system before trying to repair it  (see a)


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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 8:38 PM