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  • SYNC: 12/27/2008 15:45:02:012: SyncToy run of My Docs 1 (\\PC1OLD\1. My Documents\Documents\, C:\Users\PC1User1\Documents\) completed at 27/12/2008 15:45:02.
    SyncToy action was 'Echo'.
    SyncToy options were:
        Active for run all
        All files included
        No files excluded
        Do not check file contents
        Include read-only files
        Include hidden files
        Include system files
        Backup older files (send to Recycle Bin)
        All subfolders included
    SyncToy run took 00:00:02:512.
    Copied 9.947.672 bytes in 116 files in 00:00:02:512.
    Bytes per second 3.960.060,5, files per second 46,2.
    Avoided copying 41.853.438.422 bytes in 75.857 files that did not require action.
    Saved approximately 02:56:08:889 by not copying all files.
    Warning: 209 failures occured.
    You can retry by selecting "Run" again or select "Preview" to see
    the operations that remain to be performed.


    I saw some posts about that error but no solution that could solve the problem. So here is it again.

    I want to synchronize some folders from my "old" XP machine
    to my "new" Vista PC.

    SyncToy is installed on the Vista machine and is accessing the XP folders through shares and UNC paths (see above).

    It is working fine for 75.857 files but not for 116 others where I get the "Error: Cannot read from the source file ..." error.

    I have tried several things:

    1. Copy the files manually -> It works (I don't get the errors anymore) but it is not supposed to work that way of course
    2. Remove the folder's read-only attributes via the "Attrib" command -> doesn't work
    While writing this post, I still tried to "Turn off simple file sharing" on the XP machine (http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/307874/) and ... it worked.

    Since I guess, I'm not the only on to have that problem, it might be useful to keep that post and its solution.


    Saturday, December 27, 2008 3:14 PM

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  • Are those files not synced have something special, such as they are possibly opened by other program when sync happens?

    Will sync work for not synced files after waiting for some time and sync again?

    Sunday, December 28, 2008 9:20 PM