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    We have numerous HP and Sony laptops in our organization running Vista. Many of these constantly lose connection with the network. It’s like the Network adapter just stop functioning, you can’t ping the device and can’t ping anything from it. After contacting HP and Sony they told us we would have to work with Microsoft. We have been working with them and are on second level support and are getting nowhere. I have reloaded a few of the troubled notebook with Windows XP as a test and they don’t have the issue. I’ve put Vista back on and the problem returns. I’ve had 2 cabling companies in to verify that cabling isn’t the issue and replaced the switch and both patch cables and no changes. This appears to be a Visa issue and yet support isn’t able to find a solution fast enough and after a week of Microsoft technical support trouble shooting the issue they came back to us and said the problem was the network function stops working. My response is NO SH#T that’s what the original complaint or reported issue I told them. Glad it took Microsoft a week to come back and tell me what I knew already. How about a fix? I know it’s a stretch for them but after a week its time for a solution and not to tell the customer the problem is what we reported…This I knew already.  

    I’ve been given a week to fix find the resolution or revert 90+ computers back to XP or start looking for a new job.

    Come on Microsoft get you act together and fix this Vista issue and the slowness of the product or I can no longer be a supporter of Vista.



    Monday, February 25, 2008 1:23 PM

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