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  • In my researching of interoperability materials, I see where there is attention in interoperability in quite different but not entirely independent domains.  It seems useful to keep in mind what may be larger interoperability considerations that look to information-technology interoperability arrangements as an instrument.

    • BuildingSMART (via Extranet Evolution) web site.
      BuildingSMART (UK and Ireland) is transitioning from the International Alliance for Interoperability.  (There's a North American BuildingSMART too.)  The American Institute of Architects also has interest.  "buildingSMART is an alliance of organizations within the construction and facilities management industries dedicated to improving processes within the industry through defining the use and sharing of information. Organizations within the alliance include architects, engineers, contractors, building owners, facility managers, manufacturers, software vendors, information providers, government agencies, research laboratories, universities and more."
         Although very much tied to the building industries, there is a strong interest in software, exchange of information in digital form, and development of standards.  The number of mentions of software and various standards on the web sites is remarkable.
         In the UK and Ireland, buildingSMART includes CITE (Construction Industry Trading Electronically) another collaborative initiative that has developed standards and practices that use ASCII files (their term), EDIFACT (electronic data interchange records), and now XML Schemas for interchange. 
         Information technologists in manufacturing industries may recognize the evolutionary acceleration to sharing of information in the development chain, not just the supply chain.  I take this as a reminder that interoperability is being driven at many levels, and they all rely on information-processing interoperability as a carrier. 
    • What Is Interoperability?  (article) Nevada Interop Info web site.
      "Interoperability means that emergency responders have a way to talk to each other on their radios during incidents or emergencies."
         That seems pretty narrow until we see that the State of Nevada treats this as a major concern, and other states are also initiating this kind of interoperability initiative as part of emergency preparedness and responsiveness.  It is interesting that this is an area where one assumes that interoperability exists, until it doesn't when needed.
         How does this apply to interoperability in IT?  Well, I can think of some related activities, especially in organizations that provide emergency response.  And then there are in-plant disaster response operations, disaster recovery of IT itself, and all of the interoperability arrangements by which small-scale incidents are kept from becoming business-threatening ones.  I also find it interesting to see how to determine what is happening in my state.

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