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  • So, after a few months I think I have my ultimate MCE/WHS2011 machine.

    The system -

    Core i3 and 8G ram

    Windows 7 ultamate as the base OS

    VMware workstation version 7

    WHS2011 as virtual machine (4g ram assigned)

    The configuration -

    Nic - I have the onboard nic acting as a switch (default bridging setup in VMware). This works fine. I am planning on getting a second nic to have two network interfaces

    HDD's - This is the cool bit. I have used the HDD passthrough in VMware workstation. Overall it is this that makes the setup work for me.

    HDD 0 - 250G that has Win764bit Ultimate as the base OS

    HDD 1 to 3 - This has my HDD's for WHS2011.

    What happens in a disaster. This is what happens -

    HDD 0 stops working

    A) I can either place my spare HDD (cloned form the original at an earlier time. Remember that it is only MCE so no need for updated info) into the PC and get it working again.

    B) The cool bit. Reboot the machine (and if you remember that I had HDD passthrough, which means that all the data on the HDD's are "Real" and not a VM) and then the PC goes to boot up as a normal WHS2011 PC. The initial boot requests a repair (the boot.ini needs reconfiguring {I think this is it}), the pc fixes itself and then the reboot and I have a fully functional WHS2011 PC.

    The only other real issue is my MCE settings. I have two things for this. The first, as listed above is a cloned HDD ready to go, and the second is to just put a new HDD, install Win764 and VMware workstation, load up a vm and use the existing HDD's. Then, I use a backup of my MCE settings. These are backed up because I get the VM of WHS2011 to back up the base Win7 MCE OS.

    I can't believe I messed around with two PC's when this set up just works and well. I get normal transfer speeds (70-80meg), all my remote desktop connections work, all my remote internet connections work.

    What I tried and failed previously -

    1) WHS and VM for Win764 MCE.

    A) I could not get the USB passthrough to work seamlessly on the tuners. i could get them to work but they were always just a bit jerky. I used Vmware, Virtual PC and virtual box.

    2) I tried hyper V, but had the same issues as above

    No matter what I tried the tuners just do not like to be used in a virtual setup.

    I have been running this in my production environment at home for two weeks now, fingers crossed, all is well.

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011 10:49 AM

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  • Hi,

    and how did you get the pysical HDD work? I always thought this would only be possible with a very expensive microsoft driver under W7.

    Adding a physical HDD in VMWare 7 did not work.

    Thursday, May 19, 2011 12:21 PM