Live onecare malfunctioning RRS feed

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    Hello, I own live onecare and have used for quite some time now. Unfortunately, I happened to reinstall my operating system (Vista) recently, after which my live onecare starting giving error messages on start up. I have been using the trial version of live onecare even though I happen to own it, because my parents are using it and forgot their hotmail account that they were using for it so that I was not able to use it after I had upgraded to vista after having downgraded to xp for a short time. Anyways, I was no longer able to even open the settings for live onecare and was most likely not updating, though it still seems to be functioning enough to be still protecting my computer. Unfortunately, when I used the uninstall application for it and I thought it was deleted, I installed shaw secure. I then tried to do a virus scan with it and found that it basicaly crashed my computer each time. I then found out that I had two programs running when I looked at security centre, hence the crashing. I have been looking for a way to delete it, and found program called OneCareCleaner, which said it had fully deleted the thing, but actually did nothing. I believe my last hope is to manualy delete the program from my system32 files, but I have no files to go on and am not entirly thrilled with the idea of messing with system files. If you have any knowledge of where I might find the remaining files of live onecare, or any idea as to how I might delete it from here, please tell me. Help will be very much appreciated.

    Sunday, December 30, 2007 8:32 PM