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  • Mike,

    I apologize but this was the only way I could find to contact you.

    I posted the question: "SharePoint Designer - using Linked Data Source using BDC MySQL data sources?" on the Design and Customization" SharePoint forum and you moved it to the "Business Data Catalog" forum. It is not strickly a Business Data Catalog issue, it is really a Designer issue that happens to have BDC elements involved. Nothing has happened with it. The Design and Customization forum gets much more traffic. Is it ok to post it to the Design and Customization forum too or can you move it back to the Design and Customization forum?

    Nicholas Vigorito (vigoriton)

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010 7:20 PM


  • Don't include BDC in the title if it has nothing to do with BDC.

    The rule for the SharePoint forums (as explained in a sticky post in both the SharePoint - General and the SharePoint - Setup, ... Admin .. forums) is that there is a list of priorities when deciding which forum a post is to go to.


    If about Workflow for instance it goes to the Workflow forum even if it is about SPD workflow (SPD questions go to Design/Customization) or is about Visual Studio Workflow (VS questions go to Development/Programming).


    In other words if there is a specific forum for the subject it goes there and only posts that are not for a specific subject go to one of the four general (small g) forums - General, Setup/Admin; Design/Customization; and Development/Programming.


    I.e. when deciding if this was a BDC question (specifically about BDC) or not (thus a more general question that is not *at all* about BDC and so if a SPD question one for the Design/Ciustimization forum), I made the decision that as BDC was mentioned in the Title it was specifically about something connected with BDC and moved it there.


    Reasoning clear ?


    (There are in addition a lot of mentions of BDC in the text!)




    (I'll now go and move it back but I'll change the Title first because otherwise everybody else with a BDC question will think it goes to the Design/Customization forum ...)


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    Friday, March 19, 2010 3:53 PM